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The Island

Located at a distance of just 54 nautical miles from Athens and with a predominantly Mediterranean climate, Spetses is the ideal location for any athletic event since the temperatures are mild and the conditions fair and rather dry. Under Venetian rule it was known as Isola di Spezzie (island of fragrances) while further back in ancient times it was Pityoussa (pine-covered). With its naval tradition, a rich history and culture, the island of Spetses is the ideal choice for a Triathlon race of international scope.

Visitors will be captivated by the picturesque harbours of Dapia and Palio Limani with their cobbled sidewalks, captains’ mansions, ornate balconies and colourful fragrant gardens. Having adopted a policy that prohibits the use of cars on the island and boasting a ring-road of 25 km, the island is an original and safe choice for organized sports.

Its beauty is impressive and is characterized by the spectacular combination of the green of the pine trees and the blue of the sea, with many lovely beaches and wonderful, secluded coves, many of which are only accessible by sea. The beautiful forests and panoramic views of nearby islands and the Peloponnesian coast offer idyllic images from the race routes.

We would like to warmly thank:
the Mayor of Spetses, Mr. Panagiotis Lyrakis, the Deputy Mayors, Mrs. Metaxia Eftathiou and Mr. Takis Panou. We would also like to warmly thank Mr. Konstantinos Tziamos and Mr. Spyros Fardellos, the Municipal Council Chairman, the Municipal Council Members, the Harbour Master of Spetses, Mr. Panos Patralis, the Head of Spetses Police Department, the Bouboulina Museum, the Head of Volunteers, Mr. Dimitrios Anargyros and all the volunteers for their help, the Traders’ Association, the Association of Sea Taxis, the schools’ Principals, the Parents & Guardians Club, Lifeguard Hellas, the Yacht Club of Spetses, Mr. Minas Kaloskamis, Mrs. Liza Stathatou, Mrs. Litsa Papanikolaou, Mr. Stratis Andreadis, the hotels of Spetses as well as all Spetses stores and business for their collaboration.

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